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Eric Thompson, professionally known as ETHOS XCIX, is a melodic dubstep / Emo Bass artist based out of Minnesota that also happens to be passionate about helping those in dark places. Taking a wide range of influences from the likes of emo artists like Lil Peep, Guccihighwaters, and nothing,nowhere., to complex EDM sound design like Kaivon, Illenium, and YDG, ETHOS XCIX ties the emo and bass genres together in the most vulnerable way. The sad boy anthems have led the DJ to playing support for multiple renowned artists at shows in the Midwest including Dabin, Nurko, Crystal Skies, Chime, Ace Aura, and Yetep.


Often struggling with mental health, OCD, depression, heartbreak, and relationships, giving hope to his audience means everything to him.

Although sometimes it may seem like a dark world, ETHOS XCIX uses his greek aesthetic and empathy for others to present his listeners with a light: letting them know they are not alone

ETHOS XCIX looks forward to DJing different shows at clubs around the US, as well as pushing boundaries and proving himself further in 2023.

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Minneapolis, MN

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